Nordic Network of Astrobiology
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Nordic Network of Astrobiology

Towards a Nordic Research and Training Area in Astrobiology

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Kurt Tucholsky wrote in his advice for a bad speaker: "Always start with a historical overview, all four-eyed fish do that.". Nevertheless, let\'s keep it short: The Nordic Network began as a "Nordic Network of Astrobiology Graduate Schools" in 2007 to promote co-operation between Nordic research and higher education institutions in graduate training. In 2011 it was decided to extend the activities to include common research projects and outreach activities, thus creating a "Nordic Astrobiology Network". Since May 2011 the Network is an Affiliated Partner of the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Aims of the Nordic Network of Astrobiology

The Nordic Network of Astrobiology is a network of universities, other higher education institutions and research entities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries. It aims to


If a Nordic or Baltic research entity wants to join in a network a team of scientists and students interested in astrobiology should be formed at this institution. Participation in the team should be open to all interested researchers and students in disciplines relevant to astrobiology. Each team should elect a coordinator whose tasks are:

The Coordination group of the Network, which consists of all team coordinators, decides upon the admission of new teams from higher education and research institutions in the Nordic and Baltic Countries. Applications should be sent to the Network Coordinator and consist of:

In case of grave neglect of tasks by a team or prolonged inactivity the coordination group has the right to remove a team or its team leader, after discussing the situation with that team.

Coordination group

The coordinators of all teams make up the coordination group. The coordination group shall meet at least once a year in a Nordic or Baltic country. If the majority of the coordination group agrees, the meeting can be held outside the Nordic and Baltic Area (e.g. in case of an important conference in which many Nordic astrobiologists take part in). The tasks of the coordination groups are:

Furthermore the series of highly successful summer schools (co-organised by Stockholm and Hawai\'i will be continuing). The next such events are planned for July 2012 (Iceland) and January 2014 (Hawai\'i).

Network coordinator

The Coordination group elects a Network Coordinator for a period of 3 years. Re-election is possible. The responsibilities of the Network Coordinator are:

Prof. Wolf Geppert (Stockholm University) is functioning asNetwork Coordinator.


No membership fees are charged. The Nordic Network of Astrobiology will apply for financial support for its activities from national and international research funding bodies. It is the duty of all teams to take part in this. The coordination group decides about the allocation of funds. Generally, it is expected that teams fund their own research activities and their participation in the Network, unless the Coordination group decides otherwise.