Nordic Network of Astrobiology
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Nordic Network of Astrobiology

Towards a Nordic Research and Training Area in Astrobiology

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Astrobiology at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg

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Various research topics related to astrobiology are pursued at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (Chalmers) and Onsala Space Observatory. These include past searches for large organic molecules with the OSO 20 metre telescope, as well as more general investigations in astrochemistry. In particular, members of our group are interested in the chemical evolution of comets, planetary atmospheres, and planet-forming regions of interstellar clouds, including planetary disks, as they relate to conditions on the primitive Earth and to the wide range of environments possible elsewhere in our solar system and in extrasolar planets. There is also active interest in promoting future space missions related to these areas of research. We already collaborate with scientists at the NASA Ames Research Center, but would also like to seek collaborations with scientists of the other present NAI nodes and institutes of the Nordic contries as well.

Chalmers University of Technology